UniPost Systems Launches Redesigned Light Pole and Accessories Product Line

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Experience the freedom! UniPost Systems introduces our all-new
family of modular, decorative light poles, accessories, and complementary bases. At the heart of the system is our exclusive adjustable, low-profile accessory bracket. The bracket interlocks with our poles’ aesthetically pleasing fluted rails without damage to or modification of the pole or the use of banding. The result is a blended, clean look, and — with one simple tool — accessories (such as flag holders, banner arms, flower pot hangers, signage etc.) can be quickly and easily added, moved, or removed for each season, holiday, or event.

For more information on our poles, accessories, and bases, please visit: www.unipostsystems.com/products/

UniPost Systems is about creating welcoming environments, reducing installation and maintenance costs and increasing property values. Since 1998, the brand has offered a complete family of customizable decorative light pole and accessory systems for municipalities, university and commercial campuses, parks, and residential developments.

Check out the new system at: www.unipostsystems.com 

UniPost Systems
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