One of the greatest benefits of running the EdisonReport is attending parties at LIGHTFAIR.  We receive many invitations.  After a long day at the show, there is nothing like hanging out with six different companies until 1am.

LumenOptix—Jay Goodman hosted our team at a suite at the convention center.  While the drinks flowed and the food was delicsious, we decided to pace oursevles.  Jay explained a few of their products but reminded me this was a party and we were welcome to visit the booth for more information.  We really like-onsite parties as it allows us to visit more companies. 

Maxlite. The party began at 5:30 which is before the show ended for the day and our sources were technically still on duty, but as one of our East coast source explained, “ It’s really 8:30 p.m. EST, and we are 3 drinks behind.”  Maxlite displayed a rich  and diverse assortment of products and their booth was packed.  

LUXIM held a party at Piero’s Italian Restaurant across from the convention center, which made it extremely convenient.  Pieros’ just happens to be a LUXIM customer and we were able to see Light Emitting Plasma on display at sunset.  LUXIM then walked a group of us back to the convention center to show their LEP on display at the entrance.  Lighting the convention center is a nice coup but after 10 hours we were trying to get away from the convention center.  (Full Disclosure:  Editor is affiliated with LUXIM.)

Valmont—Tom Sanderson hosted a large group also at Pierso's.  We have been to many Valmont events over the years in the US and Germany.  Valmont knows how to throw a party and their attendees are very diverse.  We learned of a Valmont video shot during a hurricane showing trees and debris flying everywhere, but the poles held tight.  

Venture--Ken Hawley hosted a group for dinner, also at Piero's.  This was a private function which we were not invited. Somehow, we ended up doing shots. The exact same thing happened with Venture in Frankfurt three weeks earlier.  Deja Vu.

We appreciate LUXIM, Valmont and Venture all being co-located. It's like packing more LEDs in a die to boost efficiency.

The evening ended at the Belagio O theater where we ran into our friends from GE.  While the show was incredible from an imagery perspective, I didn't quite get the plot--but it was still fascinating.  

It was a great night.  Making new friendships while renewing older ones is one of the most important benefits of LIGHTFAIR.  It's still about the people.