Rep Firm Acuity Brands Lighting NYC Renames Itself NYDigital

NEW YORK CITY March 17, 2017 -- NYDigital lighting + building technology (NYDigital) is the new name for one of the top sales agencies serving the New York City metropolitan area. Formerly Acuity Brands Lighting NYC, the new NYDigital name reflects the rapid integration of smart lighting, control and building technology solutions across the lighting industry as specifiers, property & building owners and occupants desire more capabilities and value.

“The lighting industry as a whole, and specifically the New York market, continues to undergo a tremendous transformation from straightforward, conventional lighting to digital lighting solutions that fully integrate with indoor and outdoor controls platforms and building management systems,” said Chris McQuillan, one of NYDigital’s agency principals. “Our new name, and more importantly, our entire focus, is aimed not just at communicating the significant, evolutionary changes our agency has made, but also at delivering unrivaled solutions and services to our customers across the whole indoor and outdoor space.” Bob Adamicki and Mike Webb round out NYDigital’s principal leadership team.

Coupled with its new name, NYDigital has completely renovated its headquarters across from Penn Station in midtown Manhattan into a state-of-the-art facility for showcasing advanced technologies and architectural solutions. In addition to its sales and service teams, it houses the New York Center for Light + Space showroom that serves the New York building and design community, hosting customer events, training & education classes and conferences.

NYDigital will continue to represent the Acuity Brands’ portfolio of lighting, controls, Internet of Things and building management systems brands as the anchor of its line card, as well as other complementary manufacturers that expand NYDigital’s ability to deliver unique value to its New York customers.