Q-Tran, Inc. Announces Launch of Innovative Q-CAP™ Encapsulated Linear LED Lighting Fixtures

Q-Tran, Inc. Announces Launch of Innovative Q-CAP™ Encapsulated Linear LED Lighting Fixtures


Milford, CT – July 20, 2017 – Connecticut-based lighting manufacturer, Q-Tran, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Q-CAP, a new line of patent-pending encapsulated IP68 linear LED lighting fixtures. 

Q-CAP is the first linear encapsulated LED fixture designed and manufactured in the United States, and its launch is a direct response to market demand.  Gean Tremaine, COO of Q-Tran, Inc. explains, “We challenged our design team to provide a lighting solution that’s both flexible and durable, suitable for indoor, outdoor, and even underwater applications.  Q-CAP is all that and more.  It is energy efficient, and available in a wide range of color temperatures that will complement any environment.”

The versatile Q-CAP linear LED fixtures are encapsulated in a combination of polyurethane and ceramic materials, all of which are durable, protected from solvents and UV rays, impervious to chlorinated and salt water, and provide superior thermal dissipation.  Available in both clear and translucent finishes as well as a variety of lumen packages, and CCT options.  Custom lengths up to 16 ft. are available for various applications. 

The Q-CAP product line at this time contains three distinct IP68-rated flexible products, providing custom solutions for a range of applications. Q-CAP-D1 maximizes light output and offers up-down bending flexibility. Q-CAP-D3 employs a patent-pending design to deliver maximum light output in the most efficient side bending lighting fixture.  Q-CAP-D5 is the smallest encapsulated fixture in the line, offering maximum flexibility that is far more durable than common silicone-covered tape light, providing superior, customizable lighting, even in the tightest of spaces.  Many more innovative designs will be introduced in the future.

Q-Tran, Inc. was founded in 1993 in response to an industry need for transformers specifically designed for low voltage lighting. The company has grown to sell over 300 varieties of Transformers and LED Power Supply Centers. In 2013, Q-Tran introduced Linear LED Lighting and Extrusions, quickly becoming one of the most trusted names in the industry.  Q-Tran continues to be an industry leader by applying the same high standards, innovative design and dedication to produce only the highest-quality products. Q-Tran proudly designs and manufactures lighting solutions in Milford, Connecticut. 


To learn more about Q-Tran’s product offerings, visit www.q-tran.com