Metrolight Delivers Successful LED Retail Solution

Netanya, Israel –– Metrolight, the leading provider of energy-efficient eHID and LED solutions for high power lighting, announced today that it has successfully completed a pilot installation of its high bay LED fixture in an Israeli retail application. Metrolight's LED solution is powered by the company's smart universal electronic driver, the SmartHID™ equipped with full digital control.

The pilot involved replacing one year-old 32 standard Metal Halide high bay fixtures running at 100% power with Metrolight high bay LED fixtures.  In addition, Metrolight installed a full control system, including sensors and digital communication. Lamp wattage was initially reduced from 400W to 300W and dimming policies were implemented at both 50% and 70%.

The implementation of Metrolight's LED solution dramatically reduced energy consumption, while significantly increasing quality and levels of light across the store.  The LED fixtures achieved four times the light levels than the original magnetic HID fixtures, with light levels rising from 300 Lux/28 fc (magnetic HID) to 1,307 Lux /121 fc (Metrolight LED).  When lights were dimmed by 50% to 150W, Metrolight's solution delivered more than twice the amount of light (778 Lux/72 fc) than the existing system (300 Lux/28 fc). When input consumption of the LED solution was further reduced to 100W at 70% dimming, Metrolight's system still doubled light levels (591 Lux/54 fc) compared to the magnetic HID.  At 50W, the light output was identical to original levels generated by the 400W HID fixtures (300 Lux/28fc).

"The pilot has clearly demonstrated the power of Metrolight's LED solution and control capabilities," said Hanan Markovich, Metrolight's Director of Product Marketing. “The efficiency of our LED technology and unique controlled dimming options allow stores to save up to 70% on energy costs while presenting their merchandise in the best possible light that drives sales and increases the bottom line."

Based on the pilot, the retail chain decided to implement a complete roll-out across its store locations. 

About Metrolight

Metrolight provides proven energy-efficient eHID and LED solutions for high-power lighting. Metrolight's ballasts and managed lighting solutions are used in retail, industrial, commercial and municipal installations to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission by 70%.

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