Lighting Software, Retrolux, Announced As Finalist For Dreampitch 2017


Lighting Software, Retrolux, Announced As Finalist For

Dreampitch 2017

Boise, ID | November 6, 2017

Retrolux announced that it has been selected as a finalist for Dreampitch at Dreamforce 2017, a competition designed to recognize startups that have built their technology on the Salesforce Platform.  The second annual Dreampitch is held at Dreamforce, the largest software conference in the world.

Retrolux is one of three finalists for Dreampitch 2017, for its innovative work in revolutionizing the lighting industry by connecting smart lighting product vendors directly with lighting retrofitters.  Retrolux will have the opportunity to pitch their company on the main stage at Dreamforce, in front of thousands of attendees and a panel of celebrity industry leaders.  The judges will select one winner to receive a $250,000 investment opportunity from Salesforce Ventures, Salesforce’s corporate investment group.

Retrolux was founded by Leif Elgethun, a 37-year-old engineer and serial entrepreneur who says he decided “on a whim” to apply for the world-renowned event.  The selection of Retrolux can be seen as part of a larger trend of major awards recognizing pioneers in the advanced lighting industry.  Just last month, a 2017 Nobel Prize went to three scientists that discovered the physiological connection between light and health (non-photo receptors).  Similarly, the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics went to three Japanese scientists that developed the blue LED and by extension today’s white LED.  

“Being a finalist at Dreampitch is a game changer,” said Elgethun.  “It’s huge for us in terms of raising the capital we need to scale, as well as the exposure to customers and strategic partners.”

“Salesforce’s Dreampitch gives early-stage startups the opportunity to showcase their business idea to potential customers, partners, investors, and industry experts.” Said Leyla Seka, EVP, AppExchange and host of Dreampitch.  “We are excited about the amazing finalists and innovators for this year’s Dreampitch.”

To learn more about how Retrolux can save your business time and money, go to  If you'd like a free Retrolux account for your business, please email .

About Dreampitch

Dreampitch at Dreamforce 2017 is a contest designed to recognize top startups whose products are built on the Salesforce Platform (Lightning, or Heroku).  Finalists will present their business pitch live to a panel of judges on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. at Dreamforce in San Francisco, CA.

About Retrolux

Retrolux is a lighting sales software solution that helps commercial lighting retrofitters win more deals, lower costs, find & keep more clients, and stop wasting time filling out paperwork.  Retrolux fully integrates audit, proposal, product selection, purchasing, utility rebates, analytics, financing installation, and commissioning, into a comprehensive B2B sales platform.