Intense Lighting Introduces Two More Products to Round Out its June Madness Campaign

Intense Lighting Introduces Two More Products to Round Out its June Madness Campaign
Providing the Ultimate in Architectural, Small Aperture Downlighting and Pendant Families
Anaheim, CA | July 20, 2017 – Intense Lighting, a Leviton company, is excited to announce the addition of several new products to its portfolio. During the month of June, Intense released several new products for its June Madness campaign.
To kick off June Madness, Intense launched the iQ family of track luminaires, offering the latest in design flexibility and control. With options ranging from Bluetooth (BLE) enabled dimming to industry leading color consistency, these new track luminaires combine beauty and brains for the best in smart lighting.
During week two, Intense introduced two new luminaires to the award-winning Gravity downlighting family. Gravity track & recessed multiples are designed on a single platform and expertly engineered to complement the Gravity family, delivering consistent illumination throughout an entire space.
Introducing MX Architectural Pendants, elegant architectural luminaires built on the powerful MX platform. Modular ingenuity transforms the expansive options and aesthetics of the award-winning MX downlight into beautifully finished round and square pendants. Designed to complement the MX family, the pendants utilize the same trims and LED platform to ensure color consistency and aesthetic uniformity across the product line.
MX Pendants offer a sleek, architectural element available in 9”, 12” and 15” housings with cable, pendant and surface mounting options. Shared optics, LEDs and drivers ensure common attributes, features and performance throughout the entire MX family. Constructed from specification grade die-cast aluminum, MX Pendants are beautifully finished with an elegant trimless reveal. Providing over 1500 delivered lumens and 20,500 CBCP, MX Pendants offer the ultimate in accent illumination. 
The XS 2-inch downlighting family is designed with quality and convenience in mind, offering leading LED technology in a single, modular platform for consistent illumination with simple, hassle-free installation. Discrete in form, the all-new XS provides uniform, glare-free illumination. The XS family offers 750 (10W) and 1100 (14W) delivered lumens and features a 2 SDCM LED light engine to ensure color consistency across luminaires.
Offering the ultimate in dimming control and quality, the XS downlight features an exclusive high quality all-in-one driver with 0-10V and phase dimming. Smooth 1% dimming is offered as a standard. The XS family offers downlight, adjustable and wall wash luminaires that have one common light engine with interchangeable round and square trims. XS offers the ultimate in contractor friendly installation. Available in IC or Non-IC, the XS is available in remodel and new construction. 
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