Eric S. Borden, LS, CPC Launches Pathfinder Consultants, Inc.

Eric Borden announces the formation of Pathfinder Consultants, Inc. (aka: Pathfinder Coaching and Guidance) assisting with the mentoring and coaching members within an organization and to assist companies with development in the lighting and electrical channels. He states, “My varied experience within this industry affords me the opportunity to help companies grow and develop.”

Borden’s tenure and experience in the electrical and lighting industry includes a wide range of positions in sales and product management. He also holds The American Lighting Association’s Lighting Specialist designation, a certification that covers every aspect of the lighting industry, including trends, technology and technical developments.

Borden has applied his education credentials to the success of ALA’s educational programs. He served as chairman for the ALA Education Committee for many years. During his service, he developed various programs and ideas, which have had a positive impact on the association and the lighting industry and is the liaison between the ALA and IES serving as Co-Chair of the IES Residential Lighting Committee. He currently serves on the ALA Education Foundation Board of Governors. Borden has also served as a member of the Manufacturer’s Council with the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED). Among his many nominations and awards, Borden was selected by his peers as ALA’s Pillar of the Industry in 2014.

Borden has also attained coaching certification through the World Coaching Institute achieving certified professional coach (CPC) status. He states that “I am at a point in life where I feel compelled to share my personal experiences with the goal to assist multi-generational members to establish successful career and life goals and then attain them.”


Eric Borden has close to forty years of experience in many facets of the lighting and electrical industries. He brings his educational and life experiences to others by coaching and mentoring multi-generational members of the lighting and electrical industry who seek individual and mutual advancement and growth. His industry expertise will help companies who rely on outsourced assistance. Borden may be contacted via email at or via phone at 609-405-0771.