DECO Lighting’s CEO Sam Sinai is featured on Inc. Magazine among Tony Robins on How to Increase Your Entrepreneur Quotient

Sam Sinai Inc Magazine  jun 17.jpgCommerce, CA – 06/21/17 – DECO Lighting’s CEO Sam Sinai was recently featured on Inc. Magazine’s 72 CEOs on How to Increase Your Entrepreneur Quotient piece. He is featured among some of the top entrepreneurial minds of today, including the self-help guru Tony Robbins. Sam lends his insights to success not only to those striving to be entrepreneurs, but also to his fellow lighting peers. His ability to bring a win-win attitude to such a competitive industry, exemplifies his larger-than-life persona and his ability to put business affairs aside for the common good.

“I think it is important to share your knowledge of success with other entrepreneurs and your competitors. I see my competitors as my peers, and believe that a win-win attitude allows me to provide insights that go beyond business affairs.” Says Sam Sinai, CEO of Deco Lighting.

Sam has received a number accolades including recognition from Forbes, Los Angeles Business Journal, Earnst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and Inc.500 nominations. At DECO Lighting he inspires his peers to have a sense of purpose and to use every mistake as a foundation to learn and grow. He has been dubbed the Elon Musk of the lighting industry, due to the many innovations he has created to push the lighting industry forward. Sam’s feature in Inc. is yet another leap forward for the entirety of his industry.

"One, take ownership for your mistakes and learn from them--that's the only way to grow. Two, build relationships that last. Three, have a strong sense of purpose." --Sam Sinai, CEO of Deco Lighting on Inc. feature.

Bringing his innovative and out-of-the-box thinking to the LED lighting industry, has allowed Sam to give back not only to his peers in the lighting industry, but also those who seek entrepreneurial mentorship.

Inc. recognizes those who are bringing value to society and to their respective industries. Sam’s unique ability to provide the world with insights on how to be successful- including his competitors- shows the magnitude of his character. He is a pioneer not only as a CEO, but as an exceptional human being that sees the value in showing others the path to success. Read Sam’s entire Inc. feature by going to number 16 at

About Deco Lighting® 

Deco Lighting is a leading manufacturer of innovative LED lighting fixtures and systems for the commercial, municipal, and utility markets. Based in Commerce, California, Deco Lighting aims to Digitize Your Light™ by offering the latest in energy-saving lighting products and integrated smart control systems prepared to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). With the launch of D Lighting, DECO is set to debut into the high-end architectural luminaire space and roll out fresh, design-driven luminaires to meet the demand for quality, high performance luminaires from architects and lighting designers. Continually winning industry awards and patents for their unique US-made products and designs, Deco Lighting utilizes the latest and most advanced lighting technologies to improve lighting quality, increase efficiency, and sustain the environment. Partnered with leading LED manufacturer Nichia, Deco Lighting offers the only ten-year warranty with labor in the lighting industry. 

Recent Developments and Industry Recognition

  • Chosen as a Technology Partner for the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge (LABBC), a U.S. Department of Energy initiative to support property owners and managers in executing cost-effective building performance upgrades
  • Released the Gladetino LED Area Lighting Solution, delivering up to 146 lumens per watt of DLC Premium qualified performance
  • Named as one of the Top 100 fastest growing companies in Los Angeles in 2016 by the LA Business Journal Deco Lighting® is a registered trademark and Digitize your light™ is a trademark of Deco Lighting, Inc.

For more information about the Vector series of interior architectural luminaires, please visit DECO Lighting’s website at