BJB Releases Linear Optic System for 20mm LED PCBs

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Product View (Exploded Schematic)                    Luminaire Sketch Design with Linear Optic System              Linear Optic System Assembled (example)

BJB has launched another innovative system for OEM lighting manufacturers – with the focus this time on LED strip optics. Their newly released Linear Optic System is a dedicated system for LED boards (20mm width) – a common board standard in the market today. Now manufacturers have the option to integrate high quality extrusion optics through a simple and secure assembly method. The compact strip optic generates smooth and uniform light distribution and provides greater flexibility in the luminaire design due to the compact dimensions.

The linear optics are made from optical grade PMMA and exhibit excellent light transmission for enhanced beam control.

With dimensions of 7.9mm (height) and 10.3mm (width), the optic is extremely low-profile - ideal in fixture designs which require a compact form-factor for secondary optics. The high transmission efficiencies and compact design make this strip optic perfect for a wide variety of applications (e.g. commercial, retail, industrial environments).

The modular system enables the simple integration of several function-critical components in the fixture: beam controlling optic, optic holder and P2F fixing elements. One of the special features here is the P2F fixing element + optic holder. Many people are probably already familiar with BJB’s P2F fixing elements, which act to mechanically fixate the LED board to the metal fixture (eliminating error-prone screw assembly, tape or gluing).

All of BJB’s classic P2F fixing elements fit into the optic holder. Combined, the P2F and optic holder can perform multiple essential functions with numerous benefits to the overall fixture design. Consisting of an elegant, low-profile linear extrusion optic, optic holder and P2F fixing element - together these component parts make a whole optic system that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. 

Linear Optic System (parts):

  • Strip Optic (clear or diffuse)
  • P2F Optic Holder (clear or white) 


  • Beam angles available: 40°, 50° & 60°
  • Standard lengths: 2ft & 4ft
  • Material: optical grade PMMA
  • Elegant, low-profile optic that can be placed directly on-top of the LEDs


  • Secure, quick & easy assembly of beam controlling optics by snap-in fixing
  • Smooth and uniform light distribution
  • Excellent light transmission over 95%
  • No special contour for optic guidance necessary
  • Independent assembly of holder and optics allows for optimized wiring of the luminaire
  • Thermal induced linear expansion of optics, LED board and luminaire housing without stress or distortion
  • Fixation of LED board with P2F, providing optimal mechanical pressure over the lifetime of usage


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