BJB Featured at LFI’s Innovation Awards in Philadelphia

June 1, 2017 - Last month at Light Fair International in Philadelphia, BJB had two products featured in the LFI Innovation Awards: the SMD-P2F Fixing Element and SMD Mini-Flex Terminal Block.

BJB’s new SMD-P2F Fixing Element for LED printed circuit boards is the industry’s first reflowable, mechanical fixation device. It is suitable for low- and mid-power LED boards in linear and panel type luminaires. The special feature here is the pre-attachment of the SMD P2F to the LED PCB, which is adhered to the LED board during the pick-and-place and reflow assembly process. During final assembly of the luminaire, the LED board is ready for snap-in attachment and can be securely fixed by simply clicking it into the fixture housing eliminating error-prone screw assembly. Installation can be performed by hand, with a manual tool or automatically using BJB automation systems.

The SMD Mini-Flex Terminal Block by BJB has quickly gained acceptance in the lighting, domestic appliance and consumer electronics industries. This flexible poke-in style connector for LED boards makes wiring assembly simple. The thermoplastic properties and unique contact design are what make the innovative terminal block resistant to harsh environments and mechanically durable guaranteeing a long-lasting power connection to the LED board. The SMD Mini-Flex terminal block is compatible with both solid and fine-stranded wires (18 - 24 AWG) and is equipped with an easy-to-use release tab. 

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