Amerlux Launches Salvus for State of the Art LED Site and Area Lighting

Amerlux_1.jpgFairfield, New Jersey--- For the lighting designer or architect that needs the latest LED technology for exterior lighting applications, Amerlux has launched Salvus, a new series of Pole Mounted LED Site and Area Lighting fixtures, a line that will make any new or retrofit project look state-of-the-art. Salvus replaces existing metal halide and high-pressure sodium outdoor fixtures with up to 60 percent greater efficiency in parking lots, walkways, college and corporate campuses, retail centers, hospitality areas and other commercial environments.

“We plan on utilizing similar marketing strategies that have catapulted our high grade specification product line to the forefront of the commercial interior lighting market and apply them to the exterior lighting segment,” said Amerlux CEO/President Chuck Campagna. “Salvus is our first major exterior product launch as we begin to assert our company into this market segment.”

Product offering consists of Post Mount design, as well as a Side Mount design (which are designed for easy, one-person installations).  Salvus luminaires can attach to any standard round or square pole, and are available in a wide range of wattages, lumen outputs and color temperatures, providing up to 20,000 lumens at just 330W.

Using proprietary LED technology, the one-light LED Salvus fixture can replace a pole with two to four metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures, reducing energy costs and maintenance.  Available in IES Type II, III, IV and V Light Distributions, Salvus is engineered with a convection and conductively cooled heat sink and a thermally isolated driver featuring electronic constant current operation with over voltage and short circuit protection. 

The die cast aluminum fixtures operate on 120-277 volt systems and utilize six high-performance, clear UV smooth stabile polymeric optical lenses for each LED array.

Salvus is offered with an industry leading, 10-year limited product warranty.