Fulham's Founder Bryan Wald Says Goodbye

From: Brian Wald <brian@fulham.com>

Subject: To My Dear Friends, Colleagues and Associates.

Date: April 10, 2013 8:48:24 PM CDT

It is now 20 years that I’ve been in this business operating the Fulham Company.  My hours of work, deep dedication to the activities required and love for the organization have been unfailing.  However there comes a time when all good men must move along.  For me, now is that time:  I have decided to transition my service to the Company from an active leadership role as CEO to providing governance and participation in policy development through my continuing role as a  member of the Company’s Board of Directors.   I will also be available to serve as a goodwill ambassador for the Company in promoting its continued growth and development.

The Company will have new leadership through a group of well-known and respected Fulham members who will together form a new Office of the President. These individuals are Jim Obbink, Harry Libby and Jim White.  Messrs. Obbink, Libby and White will jointly assume my current responsibilities as well as such other roles as we, the Board, may determine.

Your friendship, dedication, respect and patronage is most sincerely appreciated. It is you not me who made this Company what it is.  Your continuing involvement with Fulham on the same basis will give me great honor.   I hope our paths continue to cross as we move down this road of happy destiny.


Most Sincerely

Brian Wald