Photometric Technician--SPECTRUM Lighting



Fall River, MA 





Tests products, using specialized test equipment, resulting in a Photometric test report and IES formatted file.  Uses test data, along with project-by-project specific criteria in a computer model simulation of a space to estimate lighting levels, usually in a pre-sales, time-sensitive environment.


(E) Essential or  (M) Marginal

E          1.   Provides lighting calculations, layout and design assistance to our customers for our products. Design assistance consists of but is not limited to: fixture selection, lamping choice, mounting height, layout suggestions and cooperative layout design.

E          2.   Photometrically tests fixtures, and subsequently produces reports and IES formatted files in accordance with accepted IES practices.   

E          3.   Provides Sales and Marketing with the technical/engineering information on our products for use in our catalog, technical sheets and web site.

E          4.    Using special-purpose-software performs reflector analysis and overal fixture performance estimates using CAD solid models as a pre-production product development tool.                                                                 

E         5.   Provides Customer service with support for lighting calculations.

E         6.   Maintains database of photometric files for distribution to and use of our customers. 

M        7.   Provides our Sales Department with reports of whom the lighting calculations  were performed for.

M        8.   Performs other routine electrical/electronic tests that may be required as part of the recording/reporting process of the photometric test conditions.

M        9.   Maintains the moving mirror goniophotometer test equipment, meters, etc. and Lab in good working order and within calibration for the purposes of test repeatability, accuracy, etc.

         10.    Performs additional duties as requested.

Knowledge/Skills/Experience Requirements:

Must be familiar with common Windows operating system functions and a wide variety of common software programs including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook.  Must also be familiar with specialized programs AGI32, AutoCAD and SolidWorks.  Must possess good telephone etiquette, listening, discerning skills.  The design support function requires critical thinking/discerning/analytical skills in a problem-solving environment.  Must possess a working knowledge of trigonometry and analytical geometry.  Must be capable of handling multiple assignments and be able to discern the expected prioritization.  Must be skilled at working with and reading Architectural prints. Must have good spatial relation skills.  Must be able to think in “3D” when modeling architectural spaces.  Basic electrical wiring skills.

Physical Demands/Conditions Requirements: 

The lighting calculations are performed in a typical office environment, with a fair amount of pressure to complete the tasks very quickly and accurately.  The photometric tests are performed in a medium-sized all-black painted room with a large specialized piece of test equipment.  The preparation of the fixtures for tests often requires the use of common hand and power tools, common electrical and electronic test equipment, ladders, support platforms, and basic electrical wiring skills.  The fixtures can weigh approximately 50 lbs. and must be physically lifted/mounted to the goniophotometer.

Equipment Used: 

General office equipment including but not limited to copiers, calculators, computers, fax machines, etc.  Moving mirror goniophotometer.  Common hand tools and power tools, common electrical and electronic test equipment, ladders, support platforms, and basic wiring equipment.

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