Country Wide Sales and Reps - Deep Roof Lighting

Deep Roof Lighting has been a major wholesaler in North America for almost 20 years. We have inventory of almost all LED light lines in Long Island NY.
We are one of the major suppliers of Recess housing system, Track light system, Mono rail, Ceiling mount, Strip lines, Vapor proof, Pendant lights, etc. LED in most recent years include Panel, High Bay, Strip ribbon, Linear indoor and outdoor, Tubes and lamps, Track lights, Cabinet pocket and bar, Slim mini panel, Retrofits for recess housings, Basket troffer, Ceiling flush mount, Canopy ....... Please check out web site for more.
Deep Roof Lighting also possess 20 years patent on daylight harvest system independent designed. We can create new design and function for your project.


We invite all lighting sales forces for electric and lighting distributors, national accounts, architectures, designer, engineer consulting, major projects in public and private sectors. We may create great achievement together either employing or independent via agency, representing, or buy/sell.


If you have price challenge from direct sales or direct marketing of factory oversea, We have confidence to beat them. 


Please advise your situation and proposals to
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