RockStar, Beth Comstock, Out at GE

Comstock namebadge.jpgOver the Weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an article stating that RockStar, Beth Comstock, was leaving GE.  

We first came across Ms. Comstock on 11 SEP 2014 with an internal email, where she declared 'GE Lighting was not for sale.'   EdisonReport later nicknamed her 'RockStar' because she was the first GE executive in decades that publicly appeared to care about GE Lighting.

In May, 2015 we saw her at the GE Edison Awards at LIGHTFAIR, where she spoke about the GE brain trust, which, in essence, was a marriage between Lighting and their corporate software center in the East Bay (San Francisco Area.)  We haven't heard much about that marriage lately.

As of this writing, the GE website shows that Ms. Comstock operates GE Business Innovations, which includes Current, and GE Lighting, yet her Linked In page no longer mentions Current.  In October of 2015, Maryrose Sylvester was named President and CEO of Current.   We are not quite sure when Ms. Comstock lost overall responsibility for Current, but one would think that her responsibilities listed on Linked In would match her responsibilities on the GE corporate page.

This is a sad day for GE Lighting and they will likely receive even less support with the absence of Ms. Comstock.