Philips Responds

EXCLUSIVE:  Must credit EdisonReport

We contacted a senior spokesperson for Philips Lighting regarding the layoffs. Here is what we learned:

  • The 2200 was announced publicly earlier this month and we as yet do not know how it will break down. 
  • There was an overall reduction in force of 85, including Canada that is a reflection of responding to market conditions normal in a business cycle.  
  • There were 8 people on Bob Carswell’s team impacted.  Bob Carswell is the Vice President of Sales at Philips Daybrite.
  • Lightolier lost one commercial sales rep.  Stonco and Crescent product will continue to be sold, the only change is that it will be done through Lightolier – some of the management positions at Stonco and Cresent have been consolidated, with  8 management positions affected.
  • The announcements were done Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • We have always had a One Philips approach in the US to better serve our customers.