OSRAM and LEDVANCE Clear up SYLVANIA Brand Confusion

LEDvance.jpgRegarding our 2 MAY article, "Osram, SYLVANIA, Sylvania and SLS....a rose by any other name is still a rose…” we have head from both OSRAM and LEDVANCE and we offer the following explanation to our readers:

OSRAM and SYLVANIA are not separate companies. The U.S. operation of OSRAM is still OSRAM SYLVANIA, as it has been for more than 20 years. However, that is the legal entity.  In media, marketing and other materials the company goes simply by OSRAM.

Last year, OSRAM globally carved out its general lighting lamps business into a new company, called LEDVANCE.  LEDVANCE is a separate company from OSRAM SYLVANIA.

OSRAM has licensed the OSRAM trademark and the SYLVANIA trademark for general lighting products exclusively to LEDVANCE. This is strictly for general lighting, and does not include SYLVANIA Automotive lighting products, allowing LEDVANCE to sell SYLVANIA and OSRAM branded general lighting products in the U.S. and Canada.  OSRAM continues to sell SYLVANIA branded automotive products, and its lighting services business remains SYLVANIA Lighting Solutions.  OSRAM also sells many products under the OSRAM brand – just not light bulbs.   OSRAM’s focus is now only lighting technology, in a variety of forms, under many brands.

SYLVANIA did not become LEDVANCE.  The general lighting business portion of OSRAM became LEDVANCE and is exclusively licensed to sell SYLVANIA branded general lighting products.

There are two booths at LFI that say OSRAM -- #1401 and #1701. They belong to OSRAM and LEDVANCE, respectively.  The reason for this is simple -- exhibitors must secure space during LFI for the following year. In 2016, the general lighting lamps business was still part of OSRAM.  The OSRAM booth, #1401, will include SYLVANIA Lighting Solutions (or SLS, OSRAM’s Sylvania Lighting Solutions).   LEDVANCE, in booth #1701, will display SYLVANIA branded general lighting products.