National Resource Defense Council: Whip-Smart People at DOLED Improve our Lives

Dale Bryk Director of the National Defense Resource Council Air & Energy Program has some interesting comments about the DOLED.

 Read her blog: "Better Life: US DOE Funds Lighting Innovation, Creates Jobs"  

Below are a few excerpts from the blog: (Editor comments in bold.)

  • Replaced a 100 watt incandescent desk lamp with a 6 watt LED. (Really.  94% energy savings is the highest claim we have seen.  By the way who uses a 100 watt incandescent in a desk lamp?)
  • SSL program is proof that public dollars well-spent can advance new technologies and industries, create both jobs and profits here in the US
  • How is it that with a very small outlay — the total 2010 program budget was a piddly $25.5 million — the US DOLED has helped shape the booming LED lighting industry?
  • The whip-smart people at the DOE also decided they didn’t want the technology’s success to be hampered by quality-control problems. (It is piddly if compared to the hundreds of milllions of dollars which VC's have invested in the industry.  In fact, with so much VC money, does the industry really need government involvement?)
  • They’ve helped create jobs at manufacturers like North Carolina-based CREE and Bridgelux  ( did the early adopters who purchased products...)
  • Due to many DOE-promoted innovations, the price of LEDs is expected to plummet in coming years. (...not to mention the low labor rates in China and Mexico....)
  • CALiPER put manufacturers around the world on notice,,,People cite this program as a motivation for improving their products  (Obviously companies would have no incentive to improve products on their own.)

Who knew!