Lumileds Claims Extrapolated 1,000,000 Hours at L70

April 11, 2017--With a Range of LEDs Exceeding an Extrapolated L70 of 1,000,000 hours, Lumileds Proves Outstanding Lumen Maintenance by Exceeding the Industry’s Strictest Testing Specifications in Four Main Product Families

Widely recognized for its unmatched quality and reliability, Lumileds is the only LED company to share reliability data that meets DesignLights Consortium® Premium specs for LEDs across four product families

San Jose, CA Lumileds, the company that pioneered lumen maintenance testing for LEDs, today announced it is the only company to meet the Premium specifications of the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) in four main product families. LUXEON LEDs, within the high power, color, chip on board (CoB) and mid power families, exceed DLC Premium specifications even at high operating temperatures and drive current conditions. “When it comes to reliability, Lumileds knows the proof is always in the data,” said Shih Shun Mark Chang, Global Director, Technical Solutions Management at Lumileds. “So whether your application calls for a high power, mid power, Chip Scale Package (CSP), CoB or color LED, LUXEON LEDs can be used to specify and design a light engine that meets the top-tier specifications of DLC Premium and be assured of the very best lumen maintenance performance.”

Lumileds led the industry by pioneering the standardization of lumen maintenance testing in 2008 and was the first company to provide LM-80 test report data to customers. Since then, the company has continually improved its manufacturing and testing processes—from epitaxy to new phosphor development to die fabrication and in-situ process control. With over 3 billion device-hours of testing, Lumileds product portfolio includes twenty three unique products with data from hundreds of millions of LM-80 device hours proving that LUXEON products far exceed the DLC’s Premium targets for efficiency and lumen maintenance—including L90 times surpassing the DLC Premium requirements of 36,000 hours, with many products demonstrating L90 times in excess of over 100,000 hours.

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