With LIGHTFAIR 2018 Almost Sold Out, Will Any GE Company be Exhibiting?

Meatball.jpgLast year, we reported that it was a bit odd to see no GE logo in the Current, Powered by GE, booth at LIGHTFAIR.  This year, we noticed it was back, but in a very small way.   We readily admit that we do not understand the Current strategy when it comes to Lighting, so we do not know why it was missing last year nor why it re-appeared in 2017.

We also noticed that the Edison Awards, which have been hosted by GE at LIGHTFAIR, before there was a LIGHTFAIR, were not held.  By my count, it would have been the 34th annual ceremony.  We reached out to a Current spokesman who explained they were making changes to this program and will communicate more details later in the year.

As LIGHTFAIR ended, we visited the 2018 booth sign up area and snapped the following picture.  Notice there is no GE Lighting, no C by GE, nor any Current, Powered by GE.  We take these snapshots as they are good indicators of how companies view their upcoming business.   When we pointed out to the Current, Powered by GE, spokesman that we did not see a reserved booth for any of the GE companies, the Current spokesman, explained, " Not sure what you mean here... 2018 is a year away so plenty of time."

I am not sure what he means?  Yes, it is a year away if you are a small Tier 3 company hoping for a 10 x 10 booth, but if you are a major Tier 1 player hoping for the size and location that reflects the scope and magnitude of your company, Current may end up with a less desirable location as the first three rows are already booked.   LIGHTFAIR has a sign-up system based on points which are earned by size of booth as well as number of years exhibiting.  Although Current, Powered by GE, is a relatively new company, the old points would have transferred and GE Lighting must have had a bajillion points--meaning they could have almost any location they wanted. But these points are only meaningful during the public sign-up.  With all of the changes at GE and Current, Powered by GE, one wonders if the non-sign up was intentional or just an oversight?

LFI 2018 Chicago Map.jpg