Lightech Expands LED Driver Line; Showcased by Cree

March 24, 2011 Strategy In Light, Santa Clara, CALightech today showcased a greatly expanded range of power supplies for the fast-growing LED lighting market.

The range covers 1W to 48W constant current and up to 200W constant voltage with current levels ranging from 350mA to 2A. 

Amongst the new products is Lightech's 36W fully-dimmable highly efficient driver for downlights which fits on a junction box (shown in picture). For the first time Lightech is also offering a range of light engines, optimized for use with it's drivers. 

Lightech demonstrated that it's classic 60W transformer for halogen lights works perfectly with the new 4-10W LED MR16 replacements. This dual-use power supply provides smooth risk-free transition from halogen to LED lighting. LED manufacturer Cree chose this Lightech power supply to showcase their reference design of MR16 replacement lamps based on Cree XLamp MT-G at the Strategy in Light show. 

About Lightech

Lightech supplies the world's foremost range of LED power supplies and light engines. Lightech is a recognized technology leader in power supply quality, efficiency, size, safety and dimmability. For over fifteen years, Lightech has been a trusted technology supplier to hundreds of lighting fixture manufacturers worldwide, accumulating an install base of over fifteen million units running flawlessly.