LED Engin Differentiates using Size & Glass

I visited LED Engin a few weeks ago at Light & Building in Frankfurt  as well as this week at LIGHTFAIR. 

This seven-year-old company is focused on high-power LED components and optics.  Their IP is in multi-die packages with the ability to pack a lot of light into a small package. LED Engin has up to 24 dies in a 12 x 12 mm package with 5000 lumens at about 80 watts of power   

The multi-layer ceramic substrate with interleaved metal layers efficiently dissipates the heat to allow LEDs to be driven at high currents for higher flux density.   Each die is individually addressed for in-source RGB mixing.

LED Engin uses a glass lens, which is critical for high power density as silicon has color stability issues over time.  The key is to build a 24 die emitter with very low thermal resistance and be able to drive it hard but reliably —which is a game changer for the industry.   Couple the small size with the glass and their core market expertise is in very tight beams, for retail spot lights,  commercial, and architectural lighting.

VC’s:  WK Technology Fund, Partech International, NGP ETP Capital (US) and 3 other major investors. 

Booth: 6308