Jim Himonas, R.I.P.

JIM HIMONAS PASSES AWAY, Founder of Novitas and charter member of NEMA enLIGHTen America Task Force

A memorial service will be held at 2:00 pm, August 4. It will be followed by a reception to celebrate Jim's accomplishments and spirit. 

The location for the service is...


The Paul Mortuary

390 Lighthouse Avenue

Pacific Grove, CA

(831) 375-4191

"Not only was Jim critical to the creation of enLIGHTen America, but in the decade before we formed EA, Jim was deeply involved with Jack Briody and other industry leaders in several predecessor efforts to enhance America's use of energy efficiency in lighting our lives.  One of those attempts was led by lighting but included all energy consumption sources in our buildings.  I am not surprised that Jim would continue long into retirement with his passionate commitment to better lighting for our society!  He will be missed, but not forgotten..."  Brian Dundon (former President & CEO of Advance Transformer- division of Philips) 

"Jim was a great industry player and an even better person, he will be missed.  His early leadership here gave enLIGHTen America direction and enthusiasm to proceed, and without it EA would not be where it is today... leading the industry with a commercial focus to create an educated market that provides economic as well as quality of light value to the user and manufacturer".  Keith T.S. Ward, President & CEO of Luminus Devices, and Chairman of the enLIGHTen America Task Force