James Industry Responds to UL Issue on LED Tubes

Here is a portion of an email statement EdisonReport received from James Industry:

"As mentioned in the statement, these tubes the UL claim is referring to are the 1,000 tubes that were first ever made for sample and testing purposes in 2014.  Since then, UL has gotten familiar of these compatible tubes and upgraded their standards and guidelines that we qualify under today. If you happen to further research and go on UL site, our products are still listed and remain classified.

It is unfortunate that this article came about and can be slightly confusing- but the tubes they mention ARE UL Classified today. The 1,000 tubes that ARE NOT UL Classified were just sample tubes made in 2014 and never distributed for sale.
I hope this clarifies some things and hope you can spread this information. I appreciate your time and thank you for providing up-to-date information for us all. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns. "