IESNYC Lumen Gala: The Fashion Report

I’m not really a fashion editor--I’m actually an attorney, and my husband is the editor of the EdisonReport.  I was given the opportunity to report on my style observations at the IESNYC Lumen Awards Gala on Thursday, June 16, 2016.

First of all, this is a fabulous event.  The IES New York Section has completely outdone itself with the Gala Awards on Chelsea Piers.  It gets better every year. 

Eight hundred ninety guests in all facets of the lighting business arrived at the formal but NOT black tie event around 5:30 p.m.  I immediately began making notes and taking photos of the fashionistas I met.

The first was a sharply dressed young man named Chris Miller working the registration table.  His snazzy shoes were perfect with his skinny pants and buttoned jacket.


I love bowties.  I spotted many.  These men (and one woman) have the guts to step out and be different.  There is a lot of cursing in our house while one certain Editor is trying to tie his, but it is certainly worth it, in my humble opinion.

Phat Quach winner of an Award of Merit wore a nice checkered bowtie.

Phat Quah.jpg

John Tremain pulled off a blue gingham checked shirt with a red patterned bowtie.  Very Ralph Lauren.

John Tremain.jpg

Winning the most outrageous outfit at the Lumen Awards was Fritz Ta in his red pants, gray vest, red and gray shoes, and of course, a red BOWTIE. 


Although Charles Stone did not wear a bowtie, he did wear a black tie with white dots.  He called it his “downlight tie.”

Charles Stone.jpg

Mike Birardi boldly wore a black and white paisley shirt and a hot pink tie with his suit.

Mike Birardi.jpg

Wearing the trendy “blush” color, Clara Powell, next year’s Lumen Awards co-chair, accessorized her dress with navy for a lovely look.

Clara Powell.jpg

Three very stylish women, Weiyu Lai, Kathleen Carlisle, and Lana Lenar posed for a photo during the cocktail hour. 

Kathleen  Carlisly and Lana Lenar.jpg

Wearing a nice gray suit, Jean Jacques showed his style with the hip glasses.

Jean Jacques.jpg

I also admire good shoes.  Suzan Tillotson wore some lovely and sparkly silver open toe heels.  They matched her sparkly silver wrap. Tillotson Design Associates won an Award of Merit and an Award of Excellence.

Tillotson shoes.jpg

Christine Sciulli’s platform ankle strap shoes were extremely stylish, and she could even walk in them.  Her very artsy design won a Citation for Temporary Art Installation.

Christine Sciulli Artist.jpg

Nathan Orsman of Orsman Design, Inc. pulled off wearing white Stan Smith Adidas tennis shoes with his skinny suit.  You can wear anything when you design the lighting for the elegant Sherry-Netherland hotel on 5th Avenue in NYC.  He won a Citation for Historical Restoration.

Nathan Orsman.jpg

I might be a little obsessed with babies these days, as the Editor and I are expecting twin grandchildren in November.  There were three very well dressed moms-to-be attending the Gala: 

  • Renee Joosten in black and white, won a Citation for Elegant and Restrained Restoration.
Rene Joosten.jpg

  • Pei-Chun Wang was stunning in her silver dress. She won an Award of Merit for Grace Farms. 


  • Davena Gross-Licitra, the beautiful wife of Tim Licitra, the “new Bill Hanley” wore a great (non-maternity) dress with a pretty statement necklace.  They are expecting their second child in a few months.

Holding the Gala signature drink, Staci Ruiz, appeared model-like in a gorgeous black pantsuit, and Rina Meir looked stunning in her floral maxi dress (Rina got points because she reads EdisonReport daily). 


Showing her classic style, Star Davis, wore a maroon jersey dress with a beautiful jeweled neckline. She won a Citation for Daylighting.


Martin van Koolbergen with KGM wore some really great blue and yellow striped socks, demonstrating that lighting people can have personality.

Martin Socks.jpg


Your humble fashion editor poses with Ann Reo in her amazing red striped dress.
lori Ann Reo.jpg

Last, but certainly not least, the EdisonReport Fashion Award for the 2016 IESNA Lumen Awards goes to Megan Carroll.  Her mustard yellow fitted midi dress was complimented by her sheer wrap, and she carried herself as the person in charge, as she was the chairperson of the entire event.  This woman has style, and even though she won’t be the chair of the event next year, I am confident she will still be looking chic.
Submitted by Lori Thomas Reid