Hurricanes Update--QSSI, Brownlee, Envirobrite and Xtralight


QSSI President Rick Edens explained:

  • QSSI has three facilities in the Tampa area and all have been prepared to meet Irma impact to the best of their ability. This includes raising all work in process inventory, manufacturing equipment and office equipment at heights of three to four inches off the floor.
  • Additionally they have purchased sandbags to be installed today and tomorrow morning at all exterior doors as well as interior doors leading into offices.
  • Employees have been dismissed with full pay for those in mandatory low level ( at sea level ) evacuation areas which began this afternoon and they plan to dismiss the remaining employees  no later than 3:00 p.m. Friday and earlier if deemed appropriate.
  • QSSI will assess the situation at hand after the storm and determine when the facilities can be visited and will conduct an all-out effort to be running normally on an urgent basis.

Rick stated, "Our employees have gone above and beyond to ensure our best effort toward preparation. The disaster from Harvey was a sad wake up call for all and resulted in action being taken immediately without hesitation."   He went on to say that he has received best wishes from many customers and suppliers and all are highly appreciated.


We received the following from Curt Brownlee, President of Brownlee Lighting:

We have been through this before and by the grace of God have not had any substantial damage…..hopefully it will be the same this year.  We have a Hurricane Preparation Procedure that we follow and update regularly. The most important part of this procedure is employee safety before and after the hurricane.  We do not want anyone coming back to work until their homes and families are secure and that the streets are safe. The following are some components to the Procedure. 

  1. Secure the outside of the property.
  2. Secure the inside of the building by getting everything off floors and covering, water proofing all electrical devices and important paper files. Backup all computers and turn off all non-essential electrical breakers, water, and gas to the building.
  3. As soon as the storm has passed and it is safe to travel people are designated to get to the building and assess the damage. Information is then passed to employees on what to do next and when to come to work.
  4. Communication is always a problem in these situations; we have three different ways for employees to access information. 

Thanks for your interest and let’s hope for a big right turn!


Marketing Coordinator, Kaitlyn Smith, of Envirobrite sent the following:

For the safety of our employees, our east coast offices and operations will be closed starting at 12 PM on Friday, September 7th through Monday, September 11th.

Based on current projections, we anticipate significant power outages to occur in our area. We will monitor the storm closely and communicate any additional information regarding our status or any affected systems to the best of our ability once the storm has passed. Our phones, email and Kelvin will temporarily be down as well.

Due to Hurricane Irma, shipments inbound / outbound will be experiencing some delays. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Your humble editor spoke to Xtralight CEO, Jerry Caroom, who explained that he his Houston facility has been up and running all week. Two employees lost their homes, eight lost their cars.  He went on to say that his suppliers have been great and really come through.