Hurricane Harvey Update: Xtralight, Precision Architectural Lighting, Amerlux

EdisonReport contacted Jerry Caroom, CEO of Xtralight.  Jerry explained that his facility in Houston is presently shut down and he is monitoring the building through security cameras.  As a precaution, much of the equipment was unplugged on Friday, and there is still power to the building.  Some water has penetrated his building, but it does not appear to be significant at this time.  His current estimate is that he will lose approximately one week of production.

We spoke to Fred Compton of Precision Architectural Lighting.  Fred explained that the area surrounding his building was flooded, but he did not believe his building had any damage.  He said it is unlikely that he will be able to reach the office on Tuesday, but hopes the building will be accessible by Wednesday.

Statement from Amerlux:   "All of our employees are safe which is what we are most concerned about," said Amerlux President/CEO Chuck Campagna. "Some employees had to be evacuated from their homes but they are all safe. So far we have no damage to our 75,000 facility in Houston however it will be getting challenging for our employees to access to the facility as the roads are flooded. We are monitoring the situation very closely and hopefully we will be up and running as soon as tomorrow or Wednesday, rather than a few days. During the interim, our 200,000 square foot facility in Oakland, New Jersey is more than capable of handling customer emergencies."

EdisonReport has reached out to Rig-A-Lite but we have not heard from them.