HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Has Record Number of Exhibitors

Your humble editor will be attending the Hong Kong Lighing Fair 27-30 OCT. 

9 October 2017 – The 19th HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) will be held from 27 to 30 October 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The fair attracts around 2,670 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions. New exhibitors from Denmark and South Africaare participating for the first time. With a record breaking number of exhibitors, the fair continues to serve as an ideal platform for global buyers and exhibitors to exchange views on global lighting trend and to discuss business. 

Thematic Zones to Facilitate Sourcing

The latest lighting products are showcased in themed zones for buyers to navigate with ease. Highlighted zones include Hall of Aurora, LED & Green Lighting, LED Essentials, Commercial Lighting, Smart Lighting & Solutions and Household lighting and more, offering innovative yet multi-purpose lighting designs and customised lighting solutions.

IoT and Smart lighting

On the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), lighting manufacturers are keen on developing smart lighting system. Smart lighting system these days become incredibility versatile and can be implemented into different environments to make life simpler and easier.

LinCogN Technology Co Limited (Booth No. 1E-D28) presents the Yoswit DIY smart lighting control. The system supports both “live only” and live and neutral wiring switches. Simply replacing traditional lighting switch with Yoswit’s light switch, users can connect every light product at home to the Yoswit smart system and gain wireless control to perform  functions like turn on/off, dimming etc. 

Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Limited (Booth No. 1D-B02) brings an upgraded INGEMIUM ® ZB Smart Lighting Solution, which can now work with Amazon Alexa voice system. Users can simply use smart devices as wireless remote or Alexa to give voice commands to control the on and off, dimming and scene setting of compatible lighting products. 

LED Lighting in Focus

Apart from smart lighting, green lighting is another prevailing trend in the lighting industry. With the advocacy of energy-saving and the banning of most incandescent light bulbs in major markets, LED lighting products continues to be the popular alternative in the market and its technology is increasingly mature.

MRC Technology International Limited (Booth No. 1E-E08) announces the emergence of a cutting-edge translucent LED Glass Panel, which can be easily installed on the window and broadcast LED images to the customers. Unlike traditional LED panel, it is highly scalable and can be bended up to 170 degree to cater different designs. This innovative glass panel brings visually impactful and cost-cutting option for advertising display. 

Shun Sze International Development Limited (Booth No.3D-E34) presents a mini LED magnet light bar, which is portable and easily fixed by magnet. It also has dedicated features, like adjustable projection angle, different colours of shield available, and three levels of brightness etc. It is applicable to a wide range of application, for instance using it in car baggage compartment, car repairing, kitchen etc.

Assembly of Outdoor Lighting Products at AsiaWorld-Expo

The Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo returns with its second edition from 26 to 29 October 2017 at the AsiaWorld-Expo. The fair attracts around 410 exhibitors from Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, and continues to showcase lighting for outdoor, professional, industrial and advertising uses. In line with the smart lighting trend, the Expo will feature the new Lighting Solutions and Systems zone that incorporates multiple technologies of energy-efficient and cost-cutting lighting systems and solutions.

Tenchi International Trading Limited (Booth No. 8-E19) brings a series of colourful crystal bricks that are used as outdoor garden lighting. Support charging by solar panel and require no wiring, the colourful crystal bricks are energy-efficient and convenient options for garden lighting and decoration. 

AOK Industrial Company Limited (Booth No. 8-K02) presents a multi-functional street light called AOK smart street light. The street light can smartly even lighting based on luminance in the environment. Sensor is installed in the street light to monitor noise and air pollution, humidity and luminance level. Uniquely, the street light itself can act as a WIFI hotspot and charging station for electric vehicles.

Leadsun Technology Company Limited (Booth No. 6-F22) introduces an All-in-one Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor that is an off-grid powered outdoor lighting solution. The street light can adjust its engine direction to receive the strongest solar radiation for solar efficiency maximisation. It also has long working life time and able to perform under a wide temperature range, making it suitable to use as outdoor lighting. 

Cet Opto Co., Limited (Booth No. 8-A13) presents the T5/T8 2.4G LED Lamp Tube, which can be synchronised as a group to operate without wiring. When the motion sensor of the master tube detects motion in an area, it can trigger the master tube and other slave tubes to light up at the same time. With multiple settings and functions permit in this synchronised group of lamp tubes, it is suitable to use in stairs, corridors, car parks, offices, subways, and footbridges.

Market Intelligence through Seminars and Networking Activities 

Apart from thematic zones, a series of seminars, forums and networking activities will take place during two fairs to shed light on different hot topics in lighting industry. At the Lighting Fair, a seminar themed “Putting People First: The Revolution of Human Centric Lighting” will be staged featuring representatives from MEGAMANPhilips and leading academia from The University of Sydney to discuss how this revolutionary concept alter and connect our life. International experts from different testing and certification companies will also share the updates on LED lighting products in the seminar, “The Latest Standards and Requirements for the Global LED Industry”. To navigate with the market trends, two seminars on smart lighting with be organised with China Illuminating Engineering Society and Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association respectively, featuring prominent speakers from LENOVO, Tencent, Xiaomi, LEDUS and many more. 

At the Hong Kong International Outdoor and Teach Light Expo, famous lighting designer Simon McCartney from Illumination Physics, representative of the international leading integral lighting solutions supplier Zumtobel Group, and chief editor of the Germany lighting magazine Highlight are invited to share their insights on the topic of “Future Way of Outdoor Lighting”. Co-organised with theHong Kong Council for Testing and Certification, there will be another key seminar discussing the testing and certification services of lighting products in Hong Kong.

Trade Growth in Lighting Markets

In the first eight months of 2017, the total value of Hong Kong’s exports of lighting products reached over HK$ 6.45 billion, which increased by six per cent. The top three export markets are United States, Chinese mainland and Japan, which account for over sixty per cent of the total export value in total.

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