EdisonReport Grades LightShow West

Editor’s Note:  Historically we have not covered LightShow West but each year we hear more good things about this show.  This is a bi-annual event but our sources indicate that management is considering hosting a conference in the off-year because of the importance of Title 24 education. LightShow West was recently ranked by Expo Magazine as one of the Top 25 Fast-Growth Shows.

Three of our best sources attended the event in Los Angeles last month and we grade the show based on their feedback:

Attendees:  B+

This regional show was very well attended with 2800+ attendees.  The exhibit hallways were consistently filled with engineers, specifiers, contractors and distributers. One source explained, “The show has grown each year and is attractive to designers and specifiers that continue to learn of issues relevant to their work.”

Exhibitors:  A+

LightShow West had 256 exhibitors and they were sorted by rep.  Five major reps each had two aisles and the rep decided the location of their manufactures within the two rows. Also there is an area for manufacturers who do not sell through reps.  LEDucation does this in New York and it works very well.   Obviously this is logistically smart for the reps, but we are told that the specifiers and distributors like it as they feel their time is better utilized.   It is a “professional grade” show with robust display booths and not simple table tops.  If a customer has an interest in a product, the Rep is right there to handle the buy/sell process. People interact with each other immediately.  Non-exhibiting reps were not allowed to attend.

Content:  A

The educational seminars are relevant and attendees earn CEU credits where the sessions are free, unlike what is found at larger national shows.

Show Management: A+

One source said, “The LightShow West people have impressed me with their running of the show and their ability to make adjustments and improvements along the way.  Attendance was very strong It seemed much better managed than a show I attended earlier in the year in Las Vegas.” 

Overall we rate it at an A.