Cree Named in Anti-Obama Ad

In an anti-Obama ad, Cree is portrayed as a compay using U.S. stimulus money to create jobs in China.   The ad says, "STIMULUS FUNDS   North Carolina-Based LED Maker Cree Inc. Received Over $39 Million Through The Stimulus And Later Opened Its First Plant In China. Over Half Of The Company's Employees Are Now Located In China And Cree's CEO Says The Company's Strategy Is "Cree Chip, China Heart."

We spoke to Greg Merritt of Cree and he gave us the facts:

1.  The stimulus money was s competitive award and cree overachieved every goal required.

2.  Cree added over 1000 jobs in North Caroline and has also expanded jobs in Racine, Wisconsin

3.  Cree has purchased a copmany in China to support growth in the China Market.

4.  The "China Heart" comment has to do with a slogan that the sales team in China uses in that market.  

Greg explained, "The advertisement implies that Cree used US stimulus money to create jobs in China and it it factually incorrect."  We agree.