Juno Announces Price Increase

Eaton's Cooper Lighting Announces 3-5% Increase on Legacy Products

Hubbell Announces 3-5% Price Increase

Justification:  galvanized steel, aluminum, plastic, transporttaion as well as increase in fluorescent lamps. Effective: 16 SEP 2011 Read Bruce Bittner's letter

Juno Announces Price Increase

5 to 7% Increase.  Justification:  rising raw materials.  Read the letter from Tim Rooney and John Vitacco.

Standard Announces FL Price Increase

Rare earth materials; including red and green phosphor, a major component of Fluorescent & CFL lamps have experienced an unprecedented increase of nearly 1000% since January. Effective August 15, 2011, prices for all Fluorescent lamps including Safety MaxTM will increase by 23% and CFL lamps will increase by 12%. Additional increases on Fluorescent and CFL lamps should be expected to continue over the next 6 months and we will provide details when appropriate. Read the letter from David Nathaniel

Philips Revises 15 JUN Increase--now up 25% on FL Lamps

15 JUN:  10% increase for Fluorescent Lamps (additive to the 16 MAY increase) 8 JUL: Philips must revise our previously announced September 1st 10% average price increase forLinear Fluorescent Lamps (TL), Compact Fluorescent Integrated (CFLi) and Compact Fluorescentnon-integrated (CFLni) to an overall average increase of 25% effective on August 15, 2011. Read the current letter

Philips Day-Brite Announces Price Increase

5% Acros the Board.  Justification:  Energy, Material, & Transportation Costs.  Read the Letter from Bob Carswell.

25% Fluorescent Price Increases

Attributed to Rare Earth Phosphors from China Philips up 10% since May Price Increase SYLVANIA Revises Previous 10% Increase to 25%

LIGHTFAIR Website Down

...as seen at Lightfair.com, Sunday, 15 MAY, 10:25 am.... Welcome to Lightfair International 2011! The world's largest annual Architectural & Commercial Lighting Trade Show & Conference The Lightfair.com website is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please find tradeshow and conference details below: Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Daylighting Institute: Sunday, May 15 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.Tradeshow & Conference: Tuesday, May 17 - Wednesday, May 18 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Thursday, May 19 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. For exhibitor information, please contact the show office at 215-418-2050. For press and speaker information, please call 215-418-2051.  

OSRAM SYLVANIA Announces Price Increase

Average Lamp & Ballast Increase:  4%;  Magnetic Ballast:  9.5%; Electronic Ballast:  3.5%.  Display/Optic:  3% Justification:  none given. Read the letter from Tim Lesch

ULT Announces Ballast Price Increase

Increase:  10% on magnetic ballasts; 3% on electronic. Justification:  significant increases in raw materials (semiconductors, magnetics, steel, solder, copper, and phosphor), packaging supplies, energy, and transportation over.Read the letter from Joe Damiani.  

Philips Announces Lamp AND Ballast Price Increase

3% for Lamps,3% for Electronic Ballasts, 10% for Magnetic Ballasts. Read the letter from Ray Hurt and Bill Tortora

ALP Announces Price Increase

Justification: Steel up 20-23%   From: A.L.P. Lighting Components, Inc. [mailto:announcement@alplighting.com] Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 4:03 PM Subject: Price Increase Announcement       Dear Valued Customer, The cost of raw materials has increased dramatically both in the USA and around the world (click here to read more). Steel, for example, has increased an estimated 20-23%.  Unfortunately, this requires us to announce a price increase for certain products, effective on orders placed and invoiced on or after March 14, 2011. Also due to this volatility, we must terminate all active prices on wiring devices, effective immediately. In the future, prices for this category will be established on an as-quoted basis.  We anticipate having your new price lists available around the first week in March. For planning purposes, increases will be in the following ranges: High Bays 7.1 to 7.4%   Styrene / Acrylic Products 4 to 8% RDIs (Unassembled) 7.5 to 9%   Polycarbonate 4 to 8% RDIs (Assembled) 5.8 to 6.7%   Fiberglass Housings 3 to 4% EL Troffers 18.7 to 19%   Dur-iFlex 5 to 10% KDS / SEP Strips 17.5 to 18.5%   Purchased Components 5 to 10% Wrap Bodies 19 to 19.5%         We understand that some customers may wish to build inventory prior to the price increase. Under those circumstances, we will work with you on an individual basis, factoring in both available material and production capacity. We assure you that we are doing everything possible to keep these increases at the lowest possible levels. Please contact your BBS sales manager or your customer service representative if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued support and understanding through these unprecedented challenges. Sincerely,       Sal Casas Business Unit Manager Metals Steve Dix Vice President and Business Manager Plastic Enclosures, Louvers and Formed Plastics Tom Barnes Vice President and Business Manager LexaLite® Optical Products    

Simkar Announces 5-7% Price Increase

Justification:  all commodities, especially steel and aluminum, coupledwith rising transportation costs, Does not mention LED. Details....

Acuity Brands Raises Prices 5-7%

Justification:  Copper, Petroleum, Plastics, Transportation, Steel and Aluminum: LED and Winona Specifically Excluded. Effective:  28 FEB Letter Signature:  Marlow/Martin  

Philips Lightolier Announces 5% to 7% Price Increase

Justification:  unknown Letter:  we don't have it Signature:  unknown  

Hubbell Announces 5-7% Price Increase

Justification:   Galvanized Steel: 52% Aluminum Alloy 64% Copper:        110% No mention of LED Effective 7 MAR Letter

Cooper Announces Price Increase of 5% to 7%

Justification:  Raw materials, packaging, and transportation costs Effective 21 MAR.   Letter

Valmont Announces 9% Price Increase

Justification:  Steel Effective 1 MAR. Letter  

Juno Announces Price Increase of 5 to 7%

Justification:  Raw materials, fuel and transportation.  No mention of LED Effective 1 MAR Letter

Philips Day-Brite Lighting Announces 5-7% Price Increase

Justification:  Material, energy, steel and transportation costs.  LED specifically excluded. Effective 28 FEB Letter Signature: Carswell  

Acuity Brands Raises Prices 5-7%

Acuity Brands has announced a price increase and we've got the letter.