Lighting Industry News

DOLED Publishes Revised Report on Dimming LEDs with Phase-Cut Dimmers

August 19, 2014: 10:13am
The U.S. Department of Energy has revised its October 2013 report, Dimming LEDs with Phase-Cut Dimmers: The Specifier's Process for Maximizing Success, to include updated information about the installation of LED lighting and controls at the Burden Museum in Troy, NY, a GATEWAY project that was still in construction when the original report was published. Because of project delays, the lighting d... Read More

Minneapolis Residents Complain about Target Field's Light Pollution

August 19, 2014: 8:23am
Some downtown Minneapolis residents are complaining about bright lights turned on at Target Field after Twins baseball games to help crews clean up garbage in the stands after fans leave the stadium.... Read More

OSRAM SYLVANIA to Relocate Danvers HQ

August 19, 2014: 7:53am
Danvers, Mass. (Aug. 14, 2014) – Lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA today announced the plan to relocate its Danvers based headquarters from 100 Endicott Street in Danvers,  MA to 200 Ballardvale Street in Wilmington, MA.  The new location will be within the technology corridor and will present enormous opportunity for the lighting leader to design the positive changes required to support the need... Read More

Echelon Acquires Lumenwave

August 19, 2014: 7:26am
AN JOSE, Calif., Aug 19, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Echelon Corporation ELON, +4.88% open-interoperable control networking pioneer for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced that it has acquired Lumewave Inc., a wireless outdoor lighting control system provider with a strong track record selling its solution to U.S. municipalities, universities, medical facilities and enterprises. Echelo... Read More

Calling it Off. Alanod ALMECO Merger Fails

August 18, 2014: 12:46pm
EdiosnReport can confirm this merger has been cancelled.   Developing....... Read More

Diarmuid McSweeney's Tribute to Tom Brownlee

August 18, 2014: 8:54am
Tribute to Tom Brownlee Many of us in the Lighting Community knew Tom as President of Brownlee Lighting, an energy saving lighting company that he started long before energy saving became fashionable. However, not many of us knew that Tom was President of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives and that as Exec VP of the Orlando Chamber he played a big part in bringing the Disney Parks to Flo... Read More

Lighting Science Group Narrows Loss; SG&A Shrinks by 24%

August 18, 2014: 6:43am
Net loss drops from $15.7M to $11.6M.  Research and development expense decreased $1.2 million, or 44.3%, to $1.5 million for the three months ended June 30, 2014 from $2.8 million for the three months ended June 30, 2013, and decreased as a percentage of revenue to 7.7% for the three months ended June 30, 2014 from 13.8% for the three months ended June 30, 2013.... Read More

OSRAM Clarifies: "Will Remove Certain Luminaire Families"

August 15, 2014: 8:27am
Updated:  15 AUG, 2014 OSRAM clarifies their position.  In a message sent to EdisonReport this morning, a spokesperson told us the following: "OSRAM continues to provide many luminaire brands and product families including Traxon LED fixtures, RT6 LED retrofit down lights, Siteco luminaires and OSRAM KREIOS® theatrical fixtures among others.  In addition, last week OSRAM announced the acquis... Read More

NVC Dispute Intensifies; Wu Supporters Refuse to Hand Over Control of Factory

August 15, 2014: 7:22am
“To avoid possible misuse of the company’s funds, NVC has notified banks to suspend all payment from the bank accounts of the Chongqing Wanzhou factory [except payment of salaries], all payments from the bank accounts of NVC’s mainland subsidiary NVC Lighting (China), and all payments from certain bank accounts of another mainland subsidiary, Huizhou NVC Lighting Technology.”... Read More

Please Welcome our Newest Technology, Mechanoluminescence

August 14, 2014: 7:23am
Scientists in South Korea have created a material that emits bright white light when a stream of nitrogen is blown over it. The discovery paves the way for eco-friendly displays and lighting systems powered by natural winds.... Read More

Tom Brownlee, R.I.P.

August 14, 2014: 7:13am
To our Sales Team, It is with sadness that we bring you this news. Thomas M. Brownlee, founder and Chairman of BL passed away on August 7, 2014.  He was past president of IESNA 1995-1996, served as a director from 1989-1992 and held numerous committee assignments.  He was Chairman of his local section in Orlando, FL and held several regional positions.  Mr. Brownlee also served as president o... Read More

Philips and Universal Displays Enter PHOLED Agreement (4X More Efficient than OLED)

August 13, 2014: 9:20am
This step is a confirmation of the efficacy of the PHOLED technology and materials developed by the New Jersey-based company. It started supplying these to Philips Lighting's R&D division in November 2013 as part of an evaluation programme.... Read More

LG Launches Plasma in Sports Lighting Apps

August 13, 2014: 8:35am
It is difficult to maintain 70 percent of the initial brightness after three years of use. But as PLS does not use filaments, it can maintain 90 percent of its brightness through its lifespan.... Read More

Cree Reports 16% Increase in Revenue. Misses Wall St Expectation, Stock Drops

August 13, 2014: 8:18am
Cree, Inc. (CREE), a market leader in LED lighting, announced revenue of $436 million for its fourth quarter of fiscal 2014, ended June 29, 2014. This represents a 16% increase compared to revenue of $375 million reported for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013, and an 8% increase compared to the third quarter of fiscal 2014... Read More

Philips Adds Jobs; Invests $2M in Tupelo Plant

August 12, 2014: 7:02am
Philips Lighting Co. will add 50 jobs in a $2 million expansion of operations at its facility in Tupelo. The company says in a news release that it is expanding its product lines to include incorporating LED technology made at the company’s San Jose, California, facility into the Tupelo facility’s production lineup.... Read More

Was the Tony Stewart Crash a Result of Poor Lighting?

August 12, 2014: 7:00am
The sheriff renewed a plea for spectators to turn over photos and videos of the crash. Investigators were reconstructing the accident and looking into everything from the dim lighting on a portion of the track to how muddy it was, as well as if Ward’s dark firesuit played a role in his death, given the conditions.... Read More

Philips' Lighting-as-a-Service Gains Traction

August 12, 2014: 6:12am
The lighting industry is moving from fluorescent to LEDs. Lighting-as-a-service aims to make that transition smooth and add value for both customer and provider. The Internet of Things is helping.... Read More

Wang vs Wu. More Strife at one of World's Largest Lighting Companies

August 11, 2014: 8:47pm
Updated:  12 AUG 2014, 11:53am (EST)--Mr. Wu Changjiang, former CEO of NVC Lighting, has much closer ties to the North American lighting industry than may be apparent. He is also the majority stock holder, and chairman of the board of directors for CRS Electronics Inc. of Canada (TSX-V: LED), and their American subsidiary, CRS Lighting (USA) Inc. Their lighting product brands include Lumenova® A... Read More

Philip Gabriel, R.I.P.

August 11, 2014: 7:42pm
... Read More

IES: CRI Should Not Used in Energy Regulations Until Consensus

August 11, 2014: 7:24am
The IES recognizes that the Color Rendering Index (CRI) metric, used to determine the accuracy of a light source’s rendition of color compared to a reference, has shortcomings that limit its ability to fully represent how humans perceive color.... Read More