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LEDucation 2017 was Excellent. Grade: B+

March 30, 2017: 11:08am
Although there was noticeably less marketing and a major snafu during the badge printing process, LEDucation really has become a must-attend show.  We give the event an overall grade of B+.  In fact, if there is another show with a greater better bang-for-the buck for exhibitors, we are not aware.  If there is another show with a greater bang-for-the-time for attendees, again, we are not aware.... Read More

DOLED Comments on POE

March 30, 2017: 7:51am
A New Report on the Energy Reporting Capability of PoE Connected Lighting Systems Connected lighting systems that can report their own energy consumption can deliver increased energy savings over conventional lighting solutions by facilitating data-driven energy management. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology --  in which a single Ethernet cable is used to both provide low-voltage DC power ... Read More

Lighting as a Lease (LaaL)

March 30, 2017: 7:35am
GEORGETOWN, TEXAS (PRWEB) MARCH 30, 2017  ActiveLED, Inc., a U.S. based manufacturer of performance LED luminaires and lighting controls, is pleased to announce the release of their new Energy Savings Plus LED Fixture Leasing Program. This program gives business and property owners the ability to lease energy saving ActiveLED lighting while in many cases being able to pay for the fixtures out of... Read More

IKEA Enters Smart Lighting Market with IKEA Branded Products and IKEA Low Prices

March 30, 2017: 7:31am
For many folks, the easiest entry into the smart home world is through a smart light bulb, which often means that by literally just changing a bulb, you can start controlling lighting wirelessly. Furniture retailer Ikea certainly got the memo and is expanding its home tech offerings with Trådfri, a new line of smart lighting announced today.... Read More

Cree Launches the Industry’s Brightest and Most Efficient Royal Blue LED

March 30, 2017: 7:18am
DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree, Inc. (CREE) announces the new XLamp® XP-G3 Royal Blue LED, the industry’s highest performing Royal Blue LED. The new XP-G3 LED doubles the maximum light output of similar size competing LEDs and delivers breakthrough wall-plug efficiency of up to 81 percent. This superior performing Royal Blue LED expands Cree’s leading high power portfolio, enabling ligh... Read More

Consortium of Chinese Investors, Including MLS, Completes Purchase of Ledvance from Osram

March 27, 2017: 11:51am
In an email to the EdisonReport, Jian Ni explained,  “As we discussed in person at the recent GG LED conference in China, a company that owns both the Forest and Sylvania brands would be well-positioned to exceed the average market growth rate. Customers now understand and accept rapid changes in LED lighting technology, and we can outperform because of our commitment to product developme... Read More

EdisonReport Announces 2nd Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards

March 27, 2017: 6:01am
EdisonReport's 2017 Lifetime Achievement Awards (2016 honorees:  John Selander (posthumous, John Daly Sr, Mel Fite, Howard Wolfman, Jack Zukerman, Bill Warren (not pictured, Bill Attardi) EdisonReport is proud to announce our 2nd Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards.  These Awards will be presented the Tuesday of LIGHTFAIR (9 MAY) at Maggiano's (next to the Philadelphia Convention Center). 20... Read More

LEDucation 2017: Exhibition Sold out with 30 Manufacturers on Wait-List

March 24, 2017: 10:02am
Your humble editor caught up with Burt Grant, co-chair of the 2017 LEDucation, to be held at the Hilton Midtown, 28 & 29 MAR.   Here is what you need to know: Exhibitor move in and set up is Monday, between 2pm and 9pm. The show officially opens Tuesday at 9 a.m., but some agents have a few private meetings scheduled at 8 a.m. 25 CEU credits  with sessions featuring big names such as: ... Read More

Jacksonville Jilts GE Intelligent Street Lighting

March 22, 2017: 7:42am
Amid all the hubbub about how smart street lighting will underpin an Internet of Things (IoT) push by cities to operate more efficiently and intelligently, Jacksonville, FL has served a stark reminder that digital things aren't necessarily what they're cracked up to be, as it has ditched a ballyhooed pilot installation by GE. Read the exclusive article in LEDs Magazine.... Read More

TCP Suit Claims Yan Engaged his Brother to "...Set up shop for him, promising he would formally join QLS in July 2017, when his non-compete expires."

March 22, 2017: 7:34am
TCP International Holdings Ltd., the Aurora-based maker of lighting products, is suing its founder and former CEO, Ellis Yan, for actions that the company said involve "unfair competition and deceptive trade practices, tortious interference and violations of restrictive covenants in Yan's employment agreement with TCP." Read the entire article in Crain's Cleveland.... Read More

Cree Announces IP Agreement with LEDVANCE

March 22, 2017: 7:23am
Cree, Inc. (CREE) today announced that it signed a cross license agreement with Ledvance, Inc. under which Cree will receive ongoing royalty payments and a royalty-free license to Ledvance’s patent portfolio. In exchange, Ledvance will receive a license to Cree’s extensive portfolio of patents related to LED light bulbs and LED luminaires. The licensed patents address various aspects of formin... Read More

Conflict Escalates. TCP Files Suit Against Former Chairman Ellis Yan for Unfair Competition and Violation of Employment Agreement

March 21, 2017: 9:20am
AURORA, Ohio, March 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TCP International Holdings Ltd. (OTC: TCPIF) ("the Company" or "TCP") today filed a lawsuit against its former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ellis Yan for recent actions that have involved unfair competition and deceptive trade practices, tortious interference, and violations of restrictive covenants in Yan's employment agreement with TCP. Th... Read More

Could Energy Star be Privatized?

March 21, 2017: 9:11am
The Trump administration’s recent budget proposal suggests eliminating the problematic, #Government-run Energy Star program. It’s not going away, but rather it could be shepherded into a non-governmental entity run by an independent third party with limited government oversight. The program exists to inform consumers on how efficient your purchase will be and how much you can expect to pa... Read More

With 16 Sunrises per Day, Astronauts Will Sleep Better with Color-Changing LEDs

March 21, 2017: 7:14am
Astronauts on the International Space Station are swapping out their fluorescent light bulbs for a fancy new set of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that scientists think will help them sleep better and be more alert. If the new lights work as intended, the technology could help people on Earth sleep better as well. Read more.... Read More

Lighting Science Creates Global Lighting Value with Chinese Manufacturer, MLS

March 21, 2017: 7:01am
WEST WARWICK, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Lighting Science®, a global leader in next-generation LED lighting solutions and a pioneer in providing retail private label LED solutions, today announced a joint venture with Chinese LED manufacturer and lighting company MLS Co., Ltd. The joint venture will operate under the name Global Value Lighting and will be based in Rhode Island. Global Va... Read More

Another Conference...LEDs Magazine to Launch July Conference on Lighting for Health and Wellbeing

March 20, 2017: 12:50pm
Welcome to the LEDs Magazine Lighting for Health & Wellbeing Newsletter for Mar. 20, 2017. We are in the planning stages for our first ever dedicated conference focused on lighting for health and wellbeing. The event will take place July 27 in Newport Beach, CA. Email LEDs Magazine editor Maury Wright ( if you have an idea for a presentation.Europe continu... Read More

IES Implements Online Balloting

March 20, 2017: 7:16am
It was just a few years ago that one could call the IES Headquarters in New York and listen to the automated attendant, which actually said, "if you have a touchtone phone, please press 1..." Under the leadership of Tim Licitra, Executive Vice President, those ancient practices are being replaced. Today, we see online balloting that is user-friendly.  We say that because we did not have to log-i... Read More

Key Takeaways from the Annual Phosphor Global Summit: GE's TriGain(tm), Merck's Violet LED, and Nichia's Talk of 100 CRI

March 16, 2017: 12:49pm
EdisonReport sponsored the 15th Annual Phosphor Global Summit earlier this week in San Diego.  If you are a phosphor engineer, this conference was a dream come true as the technical information was deep and detailed, meaning some subjects were clearly over my head.  But there were a few take aways that your humble editor found fascinating. William Beers, DFSS Black Belt, Senior Systems Engineer... Read More

Leviton Launches Voice, Hubless Controls

March 16, 2017: 8:13am
MELVILLE, N.Y., March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Leviton announced today the release of a ground-breaking "hubless" home automation solution, Decora Smart™ with Wi-Fi Technology, offering remote access, app-based scheduling and voice control. The new product family simplifies home lighting control from anywhere by automating interior and exterior lights using the free My Leviton app. The devices c... Read More

LEDs Magazine: Human-centric Lighting Reduces Drug Reliance at Danish Psychiatric Hospital

March 16, 2017: 8:10am
Professional staff at a Danish psychiatric hospital have administered fewer drugs and noticed a marked reduction in patient outbursts and disturbances following the installation of a human-centric lighting (HCL) system that tunes brightness and color temperatures to a pattern conducive with daytime stimulation and nighttime rest. Interested in articles & announcements on human-centric lightin... Read More