Lighting Industry News

Soraa's CTO: "...what the well-intentioned IES meant to say..."

September 22, 2014: 10:00am
The Illumination Engineering Society (IES) recently published a “position statement” (PS-8-14) which states that color rendering “requirements should not be a metric used in energy regulations to characterize color attributes for solid state lighting.”  Read the complete blog at Soraa.... Read More

Swoboda Describes Cree's Secret Launch of A-Line Bulb; Considers Lighting as a Service

September 22, 2014: 8:09am
But Chuck Swoboda, Cree’s CEO, says the LED bulb was a stealth project even within the company. A small team developed the bulb working from an unmarked building apart from Cree’s main operations.  Swoboda says Cree could also get in the business of leasing light to customers. In this “lighting-as-a-service” model, a company owns and operates the lighting fixtures.... Read More

Crains: GE Lighting Sees Opportunities to Shine; Quotes EdisonReport

September 22, 2014: 7:51am
Being part of that team could signal that GE Lighting is important to the company, especially since it's led by Beth Comstock, according to an article published last week on a lighting industry website called the EdisonReport.  People the writer spoke to at the recent lighting conference said that “reporting to Comstock is a very good thing for Lighting as she is considered a rising star at GE.... Read More

Cardinals-Giants Game; First Played under LED

September 22, 2014: 7:45am
The first NFL game to be played under LED lights took place at the stadium Sunday in a game between the Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers. (Though the game was played during the day, the stadium is an indoor stadium, so lights are needed at all events.)... Read More

Toshiba Plans Manufacturing in India

September 22, 2014: 7:43am
NEW DELHI: Sensing good opportunities in the lighting segment here, Japanese electronics giant Toshiba is scaling up its size with plans to set up a manufacturing base and is investing in the R&D centres of its subsidiary GreenStar.... Read More

Hurricanes Unveil Green LED Lighting for Pre-Season Opener

September 18, 2014: 6:18am
"We are the first U.S.-based NHL team to have LED lighting," PNC Arena General Manager Dave Olsen said.... Read More

Tomorrow: Boston Lights

September 17, 2014: 6:28am
We are headed to Boston for the Annual Boston Lights, where we will send updates via Twitter, Linked-in and Facebook.  Below are a few of the topics which have us excited: Exquisite Darkness.  Think about it.  Our industry is based on light, but what role does darkness play?  How does darkness compliment light?   This should be a fascinating topic. Josh Feinstein will discuss the "Anatomy... Read More

DOLED Announces Loan Guarantees

September 17, 2014: 6:21am
The Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Loan Programs has announced a solicitation making up to $4 billion in loan guarantees available for innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the U.S. that avoid, reduce or sequester greenhouse gases.... Read More

IES Street & Area Lighting Conference, Day 2

September 16, 2014: 2:19pm
Michael Royer, PNNL made the case that LLD is outdated.   Typically specifiers follow the IES handbook recommendation of  <.70 and, according to Royer, this automatically penalizes LED.  LLD is outdated and may be too conservative for LED.  Many jobs are initially over lit, some by as much as 42% because of LLD.  His recommendation is to find alternatives to the LLD .70 number.   One re... Read More

GE Lighting to Report to Beth Comstock

September 16, 2014: 7:34am
EXCLUSIVE:  Must Credit EdisonReport.   Yesterday GE announced internally that they will align the Lighting business with GE’s growth and innovation team, led by Beth Comstock. Maryrose Sylvester will continue to lead the Lighting business as president and CEO.  The transition is not effective immediately.  It will happen over the next few months. The word at the IES Street and Area Lightin... Read More

IES Street & Area Lighting Conference

September 15, 2014: 3:40pm
Heard at the conference:  Exclusive.  Must credit EdisonReport. GE Lighting’s Paul Morse is retiring after 36 years.  RJ Darling will take his place beginning October 1. Ed Smalley, Chair of the IES Street and Area Lighting Committee kicked off the conference.   Below are a few highlights: Jeff Lieberman, artist and scientist from Plebian Design gave the keynotes.  Most keynotes at... Read More

Philips Opens HUE

September 12, 2014: 6:11am
The upcoming remote API will add helpful new capabilities, Toms said. "It really puts the Hue bulbs onto the Internet rather than just on your home network." ... Read More

GE Lighting Settles Sex Discrimination Case

September 12, 2014: 6:02am
BUCYRUS – GE Lighting LLC has agreed to settle allegations of hiring discrimination after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.... Read More

GE Executive: "GE Lighting is Not for Sale"

September 11, 2014: 9:43am
'GE Lighting is not for sale,' said Beth Comstock, chief marketing officer and senior vice president for $146 billion parent GE, in an email.... Read More

Forbes: How LEDs Are Going To Change The Way We Look At Cities

September 10, 2014: 6:09am
LA expects to save $8.8 million on its electric bill this year and another $3 million or so in maintenance costs. Philips collects an  annual service fees from 260 lighting-project owners in 31 countries. The city of Chattanooga, Tenn. also ran a pilot project in 2011 that gave its police officers the ability to dim and blast its LED streetlights from their patrol cars. ... Read More

The Trouble with Twitter

September 09, 2014: 9:00am
We ran a story this morning with quotes from the WSJ and Bloomberg on the speculation that GE may put their Lighting Business for sale.  Our headline is "With Appliances Sold, Could Lighting be Next?"  Contrast our headline on Twitter, to the below tweet which appears to be from Jeff Imelt, Chairman and CEO of GE, "Trying to reshape the GE Company, so I may consider selling the lighting division... Read More

With Appliances Sold, Could Lighting be Next? WSJ and Bloomberg Give Hints

September 09, 2014: 7:41am
An article on the front page of today's Wall Street Journal about GE's Appliance Business sale, seems to hint at Lighting being next on the block.  Below are a few bullet points pulled from the article: "Mr Imelt said in a recent interview...'We are not really a consumer-products company.'" "Appliance and Lighting pulled in $381M in profit--with the lion's share from Appliance" "GE has faced... Read More

Juno Reaches Agreement with Union

September 08, 2014: 4:11pm
Juno Lighting Group and the Chicago & Midwest Regional Joint Board, Workers United / SEIU reached a Memorandum of Agreement which was ratified by the union membership.  With the ratification vote, the company and the union entered into a new collective bargaining agreement which will be in effect through August 31, 2017.... Read More

GE Appliances Sold; Sale will have No Impact on Lighting

September 08, 2014: 8:18am
Today, GE announced the sale of their Appliance business to Electrolux for $3.3 Billion.  Lighting has reported through the Appliance division, but as EdisonReport reported in July, Lighting would not be part of the sale. The question is, where will lighting report after the Appliance sale?  We contacted Christopher Augustine, Manager – Global Communications & Public Affairs at GE Light... Read More